Anhui YIJING Glass factory is located in Modern Industrial Park , Jinzai Country, Lu'an City, Anhui Province, China, Zip code: 237300
Anhui YIJING Factory new factory build in 2019.
GUANGZHOU YIJING GROUP build in 2000, already more than 20 years experience of cosmetic glass bottle sets package.
The factory area is more than 60 acres, Plant area is 39,000 square meters,
YIJING GLASS Mainly produce:
high-white glass bottles for daily use cosmetic bottle, such as Skincare glass bottle, Perfume glass bottle, Cream glass bottle,Cream Jar, Glass dropper bottle, Roll on bottle,Cosmetic bottle,etc.
YIJING GLASS Glass bottle surface technology:

painting, coating, printing, frosting, hot stamping decal, engraving, polishing and labeling, Surface Polish bottles lines for much more transparent glass.

We also provide plastic injection for closures, caps and pumps, paper carton for glass bottle carton package.
YIJING GLASS production line:
Equipped with 5 glass production lines,
6 groups of 2 single drops,
6 groups of double drops,
8 groups of single drops,
6 groups of 9 S1.
The average daily output glass bottles is 600,000 tons,
The monthly output reaches 12000,000 pecs glass bottles.
The Glass bottle decoration processing dust-free workshop,
Decoration equipment:
2 frost bottle line,
1 glass bottle painting and coating line,
10 automatic screen printing machines,
20 semi-automatic screen printing machines and
10 hot stamping machines.
Paper carton workshop and separate packing bottle.
The glass furnace is manufactured by oxy-fuel combustion, and the exhaust heat is recycled to achieve low emissions while solving the base heating and cooling problems.

YIJING GLASS factory have ISO9001 management certification and high-tech enterprises, printing license, pollution discharge license, sewage permits and so on, also won the excellent suppliers, best strategic partners and high-tech enterprises . At the same time, the company continues to make new design products through continuous R&D and innovation to meet the requirements of customers at home and abroad .

YIJING GLASSC factory have 13 departments, such as
Business department, Procurement department,
Technology research , Development department,
Quality department, Manufacturing department,
Engineering maintenance department, Purchase department
Finance department and Administrative department
Paper workshop, Planning logistics department,etc.
One system keep sure good quality and stable glass bottles etc.
Total more than 360 employees. The company provides each employee with a comfortable living environment, with hot water and air conditioning available 24 hours a day, and three meals a day, feeling at home work in YIJING GLASS.

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