The advantages of glass bottles


Yijing glass bottles are mainly used for cosmetics: skin care products (for cream, lotion), perfume products, essential oil products, nail polish products and so on.

Our advantages mainly have the following six aspects:

1.quality assurance. For new customers, we can send samples to customers to confirm the quality of our products.

2. monthly production is high that 11 million glass bottles produced a month, including about 3 million cream bottles and about 8 million emulsion bottles.

3. glass bottle styles are available in a wide range to choose. Several glass bottles have been patented, and the future is still non-stop innovation and research and development. In addition to the existing styles, we also support customized services; we will do our best to meet customer needs. time is accurate. From the order, production to delivery time, we track the whole process, confirm the progress of production and eliminate interference factors, only for on-time delivery.

5.we provide one-stop service, such as design, customization, R&D, sample confirmation, production, sales and transportation. That's why choosing Yijing factory saves you more time and effort.

6.surface technology is complete. Whether screen printing, hot stamping, coating, painting or labeling, we can do it. Our factory is well-equipped and professional, with no worries at all.

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